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Notre Équipement

  1. Nos drones


Inspire 2 Pro "Hephaïstos"

6K 30fps - Cinéma DNG
5.2K 422

3 drones disponibles

Drone M600 Pro

M600 Pro - "HADES"

Weight Capacity: 12 kg

Video mode available


Phantom 4 PRO V2  - "Athena"

4K - UHD

6 drones available


Mavic Pro 2  

4K - UHD

1 drone disponible

2. Partie tournage

Insta 360.jpg


8K Vidéo - 12K Photo

Cable Cam.jpg

Cable Camera 

GH5-GH4-Canon 5D Mark III


Cable Camera 

GH5-GH4-Canon 5D Mark III


Cable Camera 

GH5-GH4-Canon 5D Mark III

Caméra thermique

Thermal Camera Monitoring/Inspection

3. Nos transports

fourgon pointe.jpg
  • Solar panels for energy autonomy

  • 2 workstations 

  • Powerful front and rear Leds

  • Storage compartments 

  • A Driver/ Drone Pilot

Our Workshop


This is where we carefully prepare each of our missions. 

"An organised workspace increases productivity" R.R

It includes a laboratory space, we have equipment works in height, a Gopro space with their accessories, a 3D printer, workstations, spare parts...

Visit our workshop by clicking here!

Atelier de drones
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