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Precision spreading

Recherche sur l'épandage

Protect our environment from invasive species!

Precision spreading, a possible method thanks to drones!

It’s a promising technique for dealing with pests in a sustainable way.

The process ?


We are talking about precision spraying because with the drone solution, we can disperse the product necessary for the control of the threatening species, uniformly, and that, even in hard-to-reach areas. Thus, in the example of the small fire ant, it is ensured that it does not appear again.


Our drone "Hades" allows to reach spaces inaccessible to man due to the steep reliefs of our fenua.  It has a load capacity of up to 12kg! 

This drone process shows encouraging results, a test supervised by the Directorate of the Environment was carried out on the area from Temaruata to Puunauia.

Assessment: 6 months after spraying, no fire ant was detected in the area.

Epandage 1.jpg
Épandage avec drone

Retrouvez l'interview de TNTV sur une mission d'épange à Punaauia : 

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